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There are many different rose varieties; in our web shop you will find more than 1000 varieties. Large and small-flowered, florubundas, low-growing or climbers. The various groups are briefly described below; more information can be found under the relevant link incl. all varieties available in our web store.

Large-flowered roses or tea roses. The most famous group of roses. Large flowers on a sturdy stem. Suitable for rose beds. Many of these species can be used as a cut rose. Planting distance 50 cm (4 per m2).  Click here for all tea roses from our web store.

English or Austin roses. These are crosses of old roses, because of flower shape and scent, with new roses, because of flowering and health. English roses have large quartered or bowl-shaped flowers that often give off a wonderful scent. They can not only be used in flower beds, but also in perennial borders and even as a solitary rose. Click here for all English roses from our web store.

Polyanthas and Floribundas. Multiple flowers on a stem together and therefore almost never without flowers. Ideal for bedding or borders. Planting distance 50 cm (4 per m2). Click here for all spray roses from our web store.

Ground coverroses. Roses with a strong spreading habit. Some species crawl on the ground with long branches, others become slightly less wide. The soil-covering nature means less maintenance, because weeds don't get a chance. Click here for all ground covers from our web store.

Miniature or patio roses. Roses that do not exceed 40 cm, characterized by a rich bloom and very many small flowers in bunches together. Patio roses are slightly higher and are also small-flowered. Not only suitable for bedding, but also for pots. Planting distance 40 cm. Click here for all miniature and patio boxes from our web store.

Standard tree roses. Roses that are based on a stem. Suitable for gaining height in a rose bed or perennial border. Available in various heights. Click here for all the standard tree roses from our web store.

Shrub roses. Mainly tall and wider growing roses with single or full flowers. Rich flowering and very good disease resistant. Flowers in bunches. To use as a bedding rose or for your border. Click here for all shrub roses from our web store.

Flowering climbing roses. Both large-flowered and small-flowered climbing roses that flower well into the fall. Suitable for covering walls, fences, pergolas and rose arches. Click here for all climbing roses from our web store.

Once climbing roses (Ramblers). Summer flowering climbing roses (June / July). Most species are small-flowered and bloom very exuberantly. Usually they are well scented. To use for large pergolas, but also to grow in trees. Many species carry rose hips until the winter. Click here for all Ramblers from our web store.

Old-fashioned nostalgic roses. In this group we find the real old rose varieties. Alba, Centifolia, Damascene, Gallica and Moss roses are once flowering and bloom in the month of June. Often deliciously scented. Bourbon, Portland and Remontant roses show flowering again, and also wonderfully scented with often large full flowers. Click here for all the old-fashioned roses from our web store.

Rugosa and botanical roses. Rugosa roses are characterized by strong thorns and rough, apple-green leaves. Rose hips usually develop after flowering. Botanical roses are the 'wild' roses. Once thriving and deep into the fall, they attract birds. Suitable for hedges. Click here for all botanical roses from our web store.

Winner specials. Rose breeders are also called winners. They cross and select roses and 'win' new varieties. Some winners market some roses from their assortment under a special name. Click here for the different brands from our web store.

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